Dysfunkshunal Familee

“I had the privilege to kick it with NYC Hip-Hop group Dysfunkshunal Familee http://mim.io/0cdf7 (EPK)  as they humbly celebrate having several singles on the college charts, one in fact peaking at number one and an achievement many underground artist dream of partaking in. That is, being nominated for “Best Rap Group of The Year” from the Underground Music Awards, better known as the UMAs. Please take a moment and vote for Dysfunkshunal Familee here: http://tinyurl.com/UMA-best-rap Voting ends August 11th ….get YOU some!”
Wow, congratulations on your incredible year! The album release, number one on the charts and now an Underground Music Award nomination. What’s next for Da FAMilee?
Bazarro: Well, right now we’re working on “Family Matters, The Fake Ep.” We just added a new member to the familee “Young Phoenix” and we’re still promoting the “Family Reunion” album.

Smh *taps watch* somebody’s late! I almost gave D-Rock the benefit of the doubt when asked who’s the “Black sheep” of the FAMilee..
Bazarro: (lol) I’m gonna say D-rock! LOL, something is always going on with him, we never know what’s gonna happen…
D-Rock: LOL..ok I’m pretty sure I’m the Black sheep in the FAM because I’m the silent assassin but my guard is always up. I also have a tendency of closing my self off from the world time to time (including fam and friends)…smh

In one word, sum up the feeling you got when hearing of your groups UMA nomination.
D-Rock: “Honored”
Skinny: “Wowzers! Then Yes!! I know thats two words lol”

What’s your favorite track from your highly anticipated Album “Family Reunion” and why?
AGONY: “Cant Faze Us” is my favorite track. I wish I was on it, in fact I wanna do a remix for that joint. The reason why I love the track so much is because the beat goes hard. The way the song was structured. It was formatted so precise, it reminds me of that real essence of Hip Hop!
Skinny: My favorite is “I Cant Be Your Lover” because its catchy, most of us can relate to it and its an all around good record. Not to mention its produced by me 🙂
Bazarro: That’s a tough one. My favorite track is “Cant Faze Us”. I was up 4 in the morning looping it and excited! Everybody in the FAM is on it. It’s just the way it sounds but I love the whole album.

Signing off each member had this to add..

“The singles are doing well on the college charts and the UMA nod is some what the topping on the cake, bringing back the trophy is what I want though. We’re still shooting videos for the “Family Reunion” LP and we’re currently working on a new Dysfunkshunal Familee EP along with a few solo projects” – Skinny

“It feels good to be recognized by your peers and people who actually know about the culture.  Sometimes it takes other people to co-sign you for other people to take notice. I hate that part of the game now but that’s the way it is. It’s a honor from one fan or any organization. We’re just real with it. We say what we feel and try to put together good music..” – Crazy DJ Bazarro AKA Hollywood Shuffle

“In a few weeks I will be releasing “@Agony718 The Heir To Throne Mixtape”, followed by the debut album, “Black Cloud” with production from DaBeatminerz, DJ Wayne Ski, Crazy DJ Bazarro, Frank Remarks, CH and more.” – Agony

“The album means a lot to me. My favorite track on the is “Makin’ Moves” featuring the homie Supreme from Bushwick. I’ve always thought he was one of the most lyrically gifted MC’s I’ve ever heard, period! Plus, the track is a banger (produced by Bazarro) with Supreme on the hook, its a classic.” – D-Rock AKA “The Black Sheep of the Familee”

– Credit: Pink Cookiz –

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