New York’s Savior?


The NY Knicks who have been doing horrible to begin this season despite having an all-star cast and a few  rookies with tremendous potential recently discovered a diamond in the rough with Point Guard Jeremy Lin. A rookie from Harvard by way of Golden State, Lin had been given little to no playing time this season until a few nights ago when the Knicks hosted the Nets. All season, the Knicks have been struggling in search of a point man. Iman Shumpert showed much promise for a few games, but also has committed a lot of rookie mistakes in terms of shot selection and turn-overs. Tony Douglas has been completely disappointing thus far, Mike Bibby hasn’t been able to find his groove and Baron Davis just cant seem to shake off his back injury.

For those of you who thought Lin’s play was a fluke, check out his last 3 games;

2/8 @Wsh 4 10 1 1 23
2/6 Uta 2 8 2 0 28
2/4 NJ 5 7 2 0 25

Since Lin’s breakthrough contributions, the Knicks have won 3 in a row, and the latest came without All-Stars Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudemire. It seems that New York’s Savior has arrived.




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