Fashion Forward: Top 5 Varsity Jacket Brands

This season, Varsity Jackets were indeed trending!

In lieu of that, we here at FUTURE iMag have done extensive research and compiled a few Varsity looks that will keep you swagged out for the 2012 Fall season.


With their unique textures, colors, quality and design. SABIT based out of NYC is out the box and ahead of it’s time. Below are selections that are sure to keep you looking better than the rest.


When urban design meets top notch materials and craftsmanship in LA, you get this…


This UK brand stands out on it’s own. From the color combinations, to the animation fusion, this stood out to us as fashion forward.


Over time, Nike has become a brand that transcends fashion and becomes a lifestyle. Here are some dope Nike varsity’s.


That Vintage Brooklyn-Boutique feel shines through in all of Brooklyn Circus’ pieces. Top Quality jackets are worth the price.

If you’re really a fashion head, trendy or want to be fashion forward, below are some extremely dope looks that are ahead of their time.

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