Urban Art – 5 Pointz (Queens, NY)

Just across the water where a lot of the worlds currency is exchanged and directly across the street from the tallest building in Queens, NY (owned by finance giant Citigroup), we find a rather large warehouse building that’s quite opposite to those. Ying and Yang… 5 Pointz is used as a canvas for urban art, graffiti to be specific.

This place should be a landmark, a museum. Artists from all over the world come to 5 Pointz to express their art on these walls. Regardless, according to The New York Times, this exhibit will be knocked down to make place for two 30-story apartment buildings.

A sad end to a beautiful display of urban art that transcends racial barriers. No doubt, NYC was a one-time graffiti infested city and therefore it is now frowned upon. But come on, graffiti has evolved from a simple ‘tag’. It’s intricate, modern, vibrant – just like any piece you’d find at The Museum of Modern Art.

Let’s keep the culture alive!

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2 comments on “Urban Art – 5 Pointz (Queens, NY)
  1. Skylark International says:

    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully will check it out before it gets knocked down…if those are the plans

  2. Thanks for your amazing photos. Do you mind if I share your photos with my friends on SSN? I’ll cite the source and leave the URL if you give me permission.

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