Check Your Radar: 15 New York Artists You Should Know

Following are 15 artists that you should know hailing out of New York… 

If you’re an up and coming act doing your thing.. email us – futureimag (at) gmail (dot) com


See You Again

Sexy Strut

Cristion D’or

Are You Ready Ft. Remo The Hitmaker

Wont Let Go Ft. Tony Sunshine 


Gettin That Money Ft. Redman




The Transition

Fall Back



Wordspit on Americas Got Talent

Poets Haiku


Feet On The Ground

Supermodel Ft. Razah 

Darkside Inc.

Sexy Real

9 O’Clock Sharp 

Tre Seven

Got It For The Low Ft. Cristion D’Or

We Ain’t Friends Ft. NORE


Gab Gotcha

Watching Me Ft. Dynasty

Money Meng


I’m A Hustler


Mala Reignz

Dum Da Dum

BX Til’ I Die Ft. Elus

Homeboy Sandman


Yeah, But I can Rhyme Though

B. Smith


When You Sleep

H McCloud

Leaves In The Fall Ft. Warren Malone

Take Off Your Clothes


My City Ft. Jaysun

Everything New York

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