Macklemore – #1 on Billboards Hip Hop R&B Charts This Week

If I told you that a nearly 30 year old independent Irish Rapper from Seattle just beat out Rihanna and Mary J. Blidge for the #1 spot on the Hip Hop and R&B Billboard charts this week with a song about how cool it is to shop at thrift stores, would you believe me?

Well… don’t say I didn’t tell ya.



I had never heard of Macklemore in my life until today… I became an instant fan as soon as I heard the first verse and chorus. In this ever-evolving Urban landscape, audiences no longer care about street-cred. As people, living in these unpredictable economic times, we no longer care about the “shoot em up, bang bang” records, though we can still relate to the “from nothing to something-ness” of a hustler. The Obama effect also helps, knowing as a minority that “Hey, I can do it too”. A big part of the YOLO mentality has to do with all the talks of terrorism and nuclear war – knowing it could end at any time so F it, You only live once. And age?.. Pffft… Rapper 2Chainz is rumored to be 42 years old, though his is officially listed on Wikepedia to be 35… but who cares anymore. Remember, Hip Hop is only 30 years old, and so we are maturing as a whole.

I started digging deeper into this Macklemore character and I’ve got to say, I am truly a fan. His wittiness, creativity, flow, genuineness mixed with his ability to blend nostalgic, retro culture with a modern twist – I’ve got to admit, the kid’s got a gift. Adding to the #1 spot on the Hip Hop Charts milestone that he reached this week, Macklemore can also boast over 58 Million views on Youtube. He has reached the #1 spot on the US iTunes download charts and the #2 spot on the US Billboard 200 charts, selling 78,000 copies in the first week – independently! Not to mention, Macklemore was the Unsigned Hype in The Source Magazine in early 2012 and was also on the cover of XXL Magazine as part of the Freshman Class of 2012.

Here are some of the cuts I most liked from what I heard. Check him out;


Macklemore – Thrift Shop

Tackles the Designer obsessed youth and really show’s how dope it can be to shop at Thrift Stores.


Macklemore – Wings

If you’re a sneaker head, you’re gonna like this one


Macklemore – Same Love

The big taboo in Hip Hop… A retrospective track about how we perceive homosexuality in urban culture


Macklemore – Otherside

Drug culture and Hip Hop – in Retrospect


Macklemore – Irish Celebration

No shame in paying homage to his heritage… Salute for this one


Visuals are all sick too.

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3 comments on “Macklemore – #1 on Billboards Hip Hop R&B Charts This Week
  1. Jonathan says:

    Macklemore is really something – his text is genuine and heart-felt, I’m really happy he finally made it through!

  2. […] Know Yonas? He dropped his newest album yesterday 2/4… Today 2/5 he is #5 on the iTunes charts, behind Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky and Macklemore. […]

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