Macklemore – The Heist (Album Review)

Macklemore The Heist

Macklemore The Heist

Over the past few weeks – Macklemore has taken over air waves, television screens, music charts and office conversations all around the country. Currently holding on to the #2 position on Billboards Hot 100 in it’s 21st week on the charts and peaked at the #1 spot for 4 consecutive weeks. His Album is #16 on the charts and peaked at the #2 spot – and #15 on the iTunes charts. National TV apperances include Ellen and Jimmy Fallon, as well as BET Music Matters. Macklemore was Unsigned Hype on the Source Magazine and XXL Freshman in 2012. He most recently had a 3 page article on ESPN Magazine…

I mean, the kid is everywhere. In light of all that, we decided to review his Album – though it was Released a few months back – we thought it was only right.

For the most part, “The Heist” contains some extremely powerful pieces of music. Production is tight all around. Macklemore touches some taboo type subjects like; Religion, Homosexuality and drug-use in Hip Hop. The introduction “Ten Thousand Hours” doesn’t really set the mood for the rest of the tape. This is more like a personal album cut, beat and chorus are ehhh. The second track however, “Can’t Hold Us” Ft. Ray Dalton is one of the best tracks on the project. Production is excellent – flow is immaculate, the chorus, concept and theme are superb. Chorus reminds me of something John Legend and Common would annihilate. The production is very Kanye-ish – in a really good way.

“Thrift Shop” Ft. Wanz I mean what can we say – this track is known all over the world right now. Macklemore is bringing that feel good, real content hip hop back. This might just be the song of the year. Chorus is dope. The song has such a fun feel. “Thin Line” Ft. Buffalo Madonna – the beat starts off really weird, the chorus is weird as well – dude on the second verse sounds just like Nelly. In my opinion the song was executed wrong, content is there but I don’t know about this one.



“Same Love” Ft. Mary Lambert is a breakthrough record. Powerful and brave. Taboo of rap tackled and destroyed – Mary Lamberts voice is phenomenal. Another song with a positive message that feels genuine is “Make The Money”. One thing to admire about Macklemore is that he is not afraid to be himself. No fear to go against the grain. Production is nice with some sick breaks.

“Neon Cathedral” Ft. Allen Stone has a sick flip on R. Kelly’s “When a Woman’s Fed Up”. Allen Stone is perfect on the chorus especially when the strings come in. A must listen. The concept is flipped so creatively – alcoholics and liquor stores – Genius. “BomBom” Ft. The teaching is just a beat? – sick production though. “White Walls” Ft. Schoolboy Q and Hollis is OK. Schoolboy Q starts off well but then falls off.

Now, “Jimmy Iovine” Ft. Ab-soul is a display of crazy flow – MGK sounding, sick with down-south influence. One of our favorite joints on the album is “Wing$” – definitely a sneaker head anthem. Spoken word/poetry type flow, sick production – and it’s way deeper than what hits the surface. Chorus is impressive.



“Awake” Ft. Evan Roman and  “Gold” Ft. Eighty4fly are conscious/crossover records both sub-par when compared to the rest of the cuts on the album. However the track that immediately follows those “Starting Over” has such beautiful artistic expression throughout, it’s bold, it’s brave and deals with real life situations.  Finally, the project ends with “Cowboy Boots” – a good attempt, not our cup of tea but the artistry cannot be knocked on this one. We salute the risk takers.

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