Urban Modeling – In a new light (Behind the scenes with Jen Taveras)


This weekend – we got a chance to shoot our first installment of what will be our iCandy section. The model chosen to kick off this section was Jen Taveras of Allure Top Model Promotions. Without  giving too much away before the actual issue comes out – this young lady is currently pursuing a masters degree in Forensic Psychology with goals to one day be a therapist. It was very challenging to find a way to feature Urban Modeling in a positive way. In our society, Urban Models are looked down upon by outsiders and from within our culture, Urban Models are looked at as a piece of meat. It truly bothers me that we have gotten to this point. We’ve exploited an artistic display of the beautiful female canvas. Our mentality; “If she don’t got a fat ass, she wack”. Granted, I like my female with curves, as do most males around me – but it’s gotten way out of hand with the ass shots and countless surgeries and procedures now-a-days.  It feels like any chick with a nice ass, in a thong on instagram will get hired for a video. With that said, I decided to do my part in bringing a little bit of integrity back into the scene.

There’s a line between sexy and slutty. I feel like we’ve become thirst buckets and can no longer distinguish between the two. And so, my aim is to only feature females who have depth to them, who are doing something with their lives other than suckin’ and f*ckin’ their way to the top. Featuring them in a whole new way, let’s get to know who this girl really is, what does her voice sound like? Is she educated? Where is she going in 5 years? What type of things excite her about a man? How does he dress? What does his hair look like? etc…

Anyways, I could probably go on and on, but I will leave you guys with a few behind the scenes pictures from our photoshoot this weekend, courtesy of FUTURE iMagazine’s own – Rolando Garrido. Please enjoy and stay tuned for that new issue of FUTURE iMag…


Preview6 Preview1
Preview3 Preview4

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