Industry Tips: How to get more press

Undoubtedly, your biggest tool in expanding awareness for your music and building a solid fan-base is garnering press. Blogs, magazines, newspapers, radio, television etc.. any kind of exposure will certainly help your music reach people that you, yourself could not do on your own. This is by no means an easy task to accomplish. In fact, many artists – even signed artists – hire publicists out of their own pocket to boost their exposure and brand awareness. I remember sitting in the office of the Director of Digital Marketing over at Island Def Jam in the Universal building interviewing Jeremih at the peak of his “Birthday Sex” fame. While we interviewed him, his publicist sat on the floor of this office with his macbook and released the “Down on Me” single, featuring 50 Cent. While we conducted the interview – Jeremih’s publicist manically typed away at his keyboard and as we paused from the interview he would update him on radio plays and website placements. You see, even artists who are signed to record labels must work hard to increase their buzz, don’t believe me? just take it from Big Sean;

Skip to the 2:20 Minute mark:

Skip to the 6:00 Minute mark:

Now, just remember that blogs and other media will gravitate more towards a signed or co-signed artist affiliated with an already big name. So that just makes it that much harder for a no-name artist.


SO HERE”S THE KEY. You’ve got to ask yourself what these blogs, websites, magazines, radio shows NEED. What do they NEED?… How do they make money? The answer is – through advertisement. SO, what YOU MUST be able to offer is; VIEWERS, LISTENERS – actual people who will go to this blog, website – tune-in to the radio show – buy a magazine in order for them to consider featuring you. Talent only goes but so far. Even if they feature you one time off talent – but they see that you did not promote or bring people to the website off their first posting – they will not consider featuring you again the next time. And believe me, there are tools like Google analytics that will give the website very precise information like the amount of views, where they came from, at what times etc… for EACH POST. When you know this, consider approaching reputable websites and pitching a trade-off. You feature my single and I will bring you 1,000 views in a day or whatever. Depending on how many views a website gets per-day / per-month is what determines how much they can charge in advertisement. Remember that some of the most reputable websites get hundreds of thousands of views per-day – you can verify through 


I gave you guys a link to over 800 hip hop music sites to get you kick started in an old post a few weeks back;


To conclude, build your fanbase locally. Use the internet to grow your fanbase and then approach the bigger more reputable press outlets (magazines, radio, TV…) with a business trade-off and watch your career go to the next level!


– Ju…

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