Urban Fashion Trends – (Denim) – Spring/Summer 2013

Denim Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2013

Denim Fashion Trend Spring Summer 2013

We are witnessing a denim takeover.. From hat’s to shoes, here are some looks that you should be on top of if you’re going to do denim right.

1. Denim Vest… Alterations: Acid Wash, Stars, American Flag – American flag and denim jacket or vest is super fresh right now…

2. We believe we will be seeing the return of the Jean Short this year. What was taboo for the past 2 years will come back this summer BUT the shorts MUST be fitted or Skinny.

3. Jeremy Scott Addidas – They’re just fresh and the denim edition makes it even that much doper.

4. Denim Vans – For those casual summer days.

5. Denim Button down… This is an essential piece of your wardrobe in 2013..

6. Fitted Denim Shorts with Prints (PS. Prints are trendy right now – Tribal print, animal print etc..)

7. Fitted Denim Shorts, below the ankle – CUFFED

8. Denim and Studs are a no brainier right now… but transferring that into a classy loaf… magnifique

9. Denim + Studs + Patches = Swag… Look for a lot of DIY looks this season

10.  Again that DIY look, Cuffed-fitted denim shorts.

11.  Drop Crotch pants are a huge trend right now that not a lot of people have caught on to yet.. combine that with a rising denim short trend… This… Right here… is only for the fashion forward

12. Seen these?.. I didn’t think so, get on it… denim snapbacks… mixed with leather… the bulls one is acid washed.. the kings one has yellow threading.

Got more to add to this list… email us futureimag@gmail.com

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